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An innovative way of learning online

At Faster Results Academy we are very fortunate and are grateful to work with great people.  To date we have worked with over 11,000 clients in the last 17 years to help people from all walks of life to achieve their personal goals in health, wealth, relationships and business. From busy mothers to teachers, lecturers, legal eagles to industrial leaders and members of the uniformed services, people have overcome their goals no matter how big or small.

To date we have a *99% success rate as our online classes are structured in a way to suit busy lifestyles and schedules.    Think about what you what to achieve in life and if you couldn’t fail, what would you want?

Emotional Eating

After struggling for years with being overweight, I tried every diet, every type of exercise and even training and running for a marathon I realised there was more to weight loss than just eat right and exercise!  It wasn’t my metabolism, nor was it my hormones either! 

Fulfilling Relationships

Imagine being able to walk into any room or location with strangers all looking at you and feeling confident that you can speak and connect with anyone you want to.  This isn’t something you are born with, it is  something you can learn within a short period of time.

Practical Meditation

Like many people at first I was shy to learn meditation because I thought it was just sitting around and humming ‘ommm’. I had no idea what the purpose or value of it was.  How wrong was I?  Practical meditation has given me insights and solutions non stop!