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Emotional Eating

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What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is when you feel stressed, angry or afraid in some way.  In the same way people use alcohol, drugs or smoking to ‘calm their nerves’ or to relax, a good percentage of the population reaches for food to ‘push down’ their stress and not have to feel it.

However, most emotional eaters report that they feel even worst after an eating binge rather than feeling better. This is because they have not released the emotional energy ie feelings of stress or anger, they have just pushed them back down again and then they go into a cycle of feelings the negative emotions trying to release so they panic and push them down again. 

Eventually our body tries to get your attention by putting on weight to communicate that there is an issue in this area.  Our body communicates with us every day but because we’re not taught it’s language at school or in most cases not by our parents then we then ignore it or try to counteract the weight gain by exercising or reducing our calorie intake.

In some cases exercise can release the emotional energy but it take a lot to build it up to do that.   whereas in our programmes, we locate all the main issues that are causing the emotional eating and eliminate them once and for all.


How Amy resolved her eating issue with pasta and wine 

When we spoke to Amy, she told her Faster Results Coach that every time she ate pasta and red wine, she bloated out to the point that she looked very heavily pregnant.   We saw it for ourselves and she was right.  It was incredible how much her body was communicating for her attention to this.

The issue itself

It turned out when Amy was growing up, from time to time her parents would be stuck for cash and they would feed her and her siblings a lot of pasta due to its low cost and high carb content to stop them feeling hungry.  

Then we found out that Amy saw red wine as a luxury item that she bought for herself around pay day or when she had the cash herself to do it.  

The conclusion

So when Amy ate these 2 foods together, her association of poverty for pasta and luxury for wine meant that the two went into an emotional type of energetic war in her stomach to the point that it caused her stomach to bloat.  That’s the power that our mind has over our body! 

One week after working with us, Amy decided to chance eating the 2 foods together with her boyfriend and she messaged her to say “that despite being skeptical that it would work, she was delighted to report that no bloating has occurred after eating pasta and drinking red wine.  I dold know how you did it she said but I can’t thank you enough!’  

How the Emotional Eating programme works

We make it easy for our clients to get the benefits of this programme no matter how busy you are or what you budget is.  Check out the 3 easy steps below


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This is the most rewarding part for us. When we see the changes happening for our clients, it makes our hard work behind the scenes worthwhile. Sometimes the changes are so subtle and natural, the client doesn’t see it

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