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Let Success Find YOU!

This might be why you’re not ALIGNED with your goals!

There are many reasons why you aren’t achieving your goals and they usually fall into 1 or 2 out of  8 categories of blocks! 

If you have participated in any personal development work, you would be aware of possibly up to 3 categories .. limiting beliefs, social conditioning and fears! 

However over 60% of clients I have worked with are failing to reach their goals  due to stuck emotions and energy in our bodies!  This was something I was never aware of until I studied the Japanese healing modality called Reiki. It has become very popular in the last 12 years and with good reason as people are getting instant results with it.  

In one session I release on average  3-4 stuck emotions that have been causing me some sort of emotional or physical pain.   Yes that’s right physical pain. 

According to former GP .. Dr Brad Nelson in his book ‘The Emotion Code’ he explains how most of our organs and glands produce our emotions.  Sometimes these emotions get stuck as they leave the body and then they start to cause havoc in our life in an attempt to make us aware they are there.

A more common example of this would be adrenaline that is produced from our adrenal glands. Adrenaline is produced in response to a threatening situation that’s boosts our energy to help us fight the imposing danger or take flight away from it.  If we don’t take either action, then the adrenaline produced is taken away and released via our digestive system, our tears or via sweating it out when we exercise.   However some of it can get trapped and remain in our body and it will start to draw our attention to it so that we can release it. 

We are usually not aware of it being there as we’re simply not taught it at school or by our parents!  So we continue on carrying it around and totally unaware of the impact it’s presence it’s having on our life.

What impact is it having?

There are 108 energy channels in the body and any bit of stuck energy or emotion can block 20 or more channels so it starts to cause a bit of chaos to get our attention. If the energy doesn’t get released then it starts to attract more of the same and the chaos gets more intense! When that chaos turns to physical or emotional pain, that’s when most people start to look for answers or solutions and that’s usually when I cross paths with them through a recommendation or referral!

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Feel the Anger and leverage it anyway!

Anger at Dating by Victoria Armstrong

So today is Tuesday and since Sunday I have been feeling angry!  Oh my god, really really angry.  The universe is absolutely hilarious so it likes to crank up the fun factor so add the fact that my period is due and my stomach is feeling very bloated and VERY heavy!  It’s like there’s lead in there, with a whole load of bloaty type gas and I’m thinking come on, please, this isn’t just PMT.  There’s a whole lotta emotional conflict going on.  I know it when I feel it so ‘just show me what is going on and how to deal with it.  We’re so past this stage now!’ I got the answers I was looking for.

Finally when I get the chance to sit down and still my mind, I feel the emotional impact of the last 2 weeks straight away.  So many people I trust and care about have had ‘pops’ at me about various aspects of my life and personality.  It kicked off with one friend who is totally obsessed at the moment about finding a relationship.  It’s like she’s the Terminator on a mission to find one man to make her happy.  I’ve lost count of how many dates she has been on in the last 6 months alone and yet they never go beyond date 1.  Some of them have treated her like dirt on their shoe and when I look at the whole situation and ask myself what I can learn from this too, it makes me sad because like myself she is holding onto so much baggage from her ex husband and past financial issues.  My anger came every time she said I needed to get out there and date also.  I was like livid at this but then I I realised the anger was telling me something.   So ok there’s one aspect of my anger made clear to me as I have the very same type baggage and I was afraid to admit it!  Admitting it, is the first step to healing it and when I looked at what I needed to heal, I could see that I was the opposite I was afraid to date and learn more about myself.  There are things we can learn from when we are single and there are lots more things to face when we are dating.  So I decided to take the approach to dating as a healing journey with each date equating to a step.  That made it a lot more fun and interesting and I noticed it has helped me become a better coach and practitioner too.

Using Anger to end a toxic relationship

Next day, Wednesday I spoke to a client who was very disappointed with a guy she was seeing.  They were seeing each other on a casual basis ie he would show up at her house once a week or fortnight, have his way and then be on his way after a few hours.  Now call me blunt but if a guy isn’t even making the effort to stay the night, there’s a major warning signs there.  Possibly fear of emotional intimacy perhaps?  I’m always going straight for the jugular with these things.     He was blaming his divorce being delayed by his ex wife and being worried about money and that’s why he just couldn’t give her more.   Excuse me, but it doesn’t seem to effect his groin from working.  Finally when he didn’t bring her a birthday card and gift that week, she flipped her lid.   Her disappointment, anger and then rage she felt caused her to arrive at the conclusion she had to dump his forgetful ass. I could feel the burden of it lifting from her when she made the decision and all it took was the emotional strength to give her the  the courage to do it. Her anger gave her the insight that lead to her feeling the courage!

However, the story doesn’t end there. A week later at her next coaching session she tells me in a total panic, she just happened to bump into this guy’s colleague.  The colleague had no idea they were having a ding dong so to speak so when she asked how he was.  He immediately shared the ‘good news’ that his guy has had such a tough time etc but at least he has got his divorce through now.  Well you can imagine her reaction to that.  She felt like she’d been slapped with a baseball bat several times and had to made her excuses and walk away.  She held it together until she got into her car and then cried her heart out all the way home!   Wow, what a bombshell! 

We were able to talk it through and once she accepted the fact that it wasn’t personal, it was showing her what she needed to do and what direction to go.  We laughed at the analogy that we used. She had chosen a guy who could only give her 2-3 carrier bags of love and affection whereas in reality she needed at least 12 to know that the guy was devoted and committed to her.  It gave her a whole new perspective on the men she had attracted in the past and what she would only accept in the future! I’m pleased to say she has now attracted a great guy who is shaping up to be her Bag for life! 😀