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Awaken your dragon

Let Success Find YOU!

What is Inner Work and why is it important to do it?

The short definition of Inner Work is:  ‘An internal journey to explore our inner self to help identify past pain, to heal them and as a result it creates a transformation in our life for the better”

The founder of Faster Results Academy, Victoria Armstrong compiled the diagram below to show what intelligence systems we have within us that are activated when we strive to achieve things in our life.  These range from small daily goals to the bigger goals that may seemingly take 3 to 5 years + to achieve.

With the Awaken your Dragon programme, we help you quickly and accurately identify the main blocks as to what is and what could potentially sabotage your success.  

Most coaches and consultants work with the mind only whereas with the Awaken your Dragon programme we work at 3 levels: mInd, body and soul!

How many clients have you worked with in this way?
In the last 17 years, we have worked with over 12,000 clients from all walks of life on small and large goals to help them create the transformations they always wanted.

How do you do it?
We assess the client at the start to see what their goals are, what has worked and what hasn’t so far etc.  We’ve had clients with no goals whatsoever, some had given up and others were still fighting but just didn’t know the next step. 

How is this programme different from others? This is our signature programme because it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding blocks within us and areas of self sabotage.  Most coaches and therapists work with the mind only whereas we work with the mind, body and soul.  We do this via the body’s inner intelligence system that we are all born with! 

How the Awaken your Dragon programme works

We make it easy for our clients to get the benefits of this programme no matter how busy you are or what your budget is. Check out the 3 easy steps below:



With our other coaching programmes you can choose to work with us on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. 
This is an annual only programme so that you can make the changes needed to achieve some major big-ass goals!



When you sign up, you will create your username and password for your account and you have lifetime access to everything you receive in 12 months that you work with us.  You just don’t receive any further updates.



This is the most rewarding part for us. When we see the changes happening for our clients, it makes our hard work behind the scenes worthwhile. Sometimes the changes are so subtle and natural, the client doesn’t see it!

Take the next step to see if we
can work together! 

This programme isn’t for everyone as some people aren’t willing to make the commitment or face their fears.  If you can do both, we want to hear from you!